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Father Lathiel was no fool. For a man who believed the earth was made in seven days he was suprisingly scientific.

Mother Earth has been shaking and quaking more and more, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives.

He could quote the quakes, recorded them, watched as God’s voice roared inexorably around the globe. As his church in Tanna was the very last place God would want to destroy, once the guria frequency increased at home, he got worried. When the last guria occurred near Isangel, he knew for sure.


The archangel.

‘Thousands more will perish in greater earth spasms ahead. Not since the days of Noah has the world been so badly battered…’

‘He sends out his command to the earth; he causes his wind to blow and the water flow! He looks on the earth and it trembles! He touches the hills and they smoke!’

This is Bible prophesy literally fulfilled by God!

Lathaniel only had a few months left to save their souls before Judgement Day.

‘Don’t you hear him? He is telling us our time is short!’

Lathaniel believed all this stuff.

‘The Rapture is upon us! Repent!’


The aftershock was sudden, brief and unexpected.


Clang Clang Clang went the bell.

Clang Clang Clang Silence Thud.


‘Lord, tear down their temples…’

Lathaniel watched as his church lurched and fell sideways.


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